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Do you get opinion of your visitors about your website content?
Listen your visitors and make your website a better place!
Generate leads together with visitor opinions,
Make your website more interactive, generate leads at the end of every content of your website!
Do not pay subscription to external websites and servers!
Your visitors are worth to keep on your side! When you use that HTML Plugin, you keep the data on your side. You do not pay extra subscriptions to the 3rd party websites!
Joomla Module + Content Plugn + K2 Content Plugin
You will get Module and 2 Plugins!

Joomla Was This Helpful Description

  Super easy install and setupYou can easily setup in minutes and publish at any website.
  Fully customizable!Fully customizable via self-defined parameters!  Well-commentedEvery parameter is explained, just customize in minutes  Save SubmissionYou can save submission with a) Sender IP Address b) Sent URL c) Submitters message d) Unix Timesamp e) Email address  Submission Results BoardYou can view the submission after you login as a super user, underneath every content ( article ). If you use the module, you see at underneath the module.  Request Email AddressYou can ask the email address of submitter, optionally.  Cookie enable / disableYou can set cookie and disable multiple submissions  Enable - Disable Reset ButtonVisitors can change their vote easily with a reset button.  Excluded Joomla ArticlesYou can disable at selected Joomla Articles.  Excluded K2 ItemsYou can disable at selected K2 Items.  Excluded Menu ItemsYou can disable at selected Menu Items.

We test our products by installing them both locally and on our demo server before offering them to you. If you encounter any compatibility issues, contact us immediately.

Joomla Was This Helpful Specification & Compatibility

  Type Joomla Module + Content Plugin + K2 Content Plugin   Compatibility Joomla 3.x.x, Joomla 4   Mobile Compatibility 100% Reesponsive, tested on mobile devices   Tested Browsers Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Edge.   Files Included HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, PHP, XML, SQL

After carefully preparing the English language files, we prepare the language files using Google Translate. The translations are almost 90% accurate.
If there is an incorrect translation, please report it.
If your language is not listed here, let us know and We can provide you the language file.

Joomla Was This Helpful Language Files and Translations

English translation and language file available.English translation and language file available.
Sprachdateien in Deutsch sind verfügbar.Sprachdateien in Deutsch sind verfügbar.
Des fichiers de langue en Français sont disponibles.Des fichiers de langue en Français sont disponibles.
Sono disponibili file di lingua in Italiano.Sono disponibili file di lingua in Italiano.
Los archivos de idioma en Español están disponibles.Los archivos de idioma en Español están disponibles.
Nederlandstalige bestanden beschikbaar.Nederlandstalige bestanden beschikbaar.
Arquivos de idioma em Português estão disponíveis.Arquivos de idioma em Português estão disponíveis.
Доступен русский перевод и языковой файл.Доступен русский перевод и языковой файл.
Διατίθεται Τουρκική μετάφραση και αρχείο γλώσσας.Διατίθεται Τουρκική μετάφραση και αρχείο γλώσσας.
Türkçe çeviri ve dil dosyası mevcut.
Dansk oversættelse og sprogfil tilgængelig.Dansk oversættelse og sprogfil tilgængelig.
Svensk översättning och språkfil tillgänglig.Svensk översättning och språkfil tillgänglig.
* Translations made with Google Translate. If there is any mistake please report us with correction

We make various updates in line with your requests and depending on various developments. If you have any ideas, feel free to share them with us.

  First release date 15 October 2020, Thursday   Last updated date 02 November 2020, Monday   Current version number 1.0.2

Joomla Was This Helpful Changelog

 1.0.2New Language Files Added 1.0.1New Language Files 1.0.0Initial release

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