Make it your own just in minutes!

Customize regarding your site desing and make it 100% fit to your site
You can easily setup by changing the parameters.

Super easy to install and setup

Instant Feedback is super easy to setup & customize plugin!
If you hit any snacks, just as developer and get support.

Feedback Button Background Color

Change the background color or Feedback Box Open Button

Feedback Button Text Color

Change the text color or Feedback Box Open Button

Feedback Button Position

You can show Feedback button at different positions middle_right, middle_left, bottom_right, bottom_left, top_right, top_left

Feedback Button Text

Change the Feedback Text

Feedback Button Icon

You can change the icon at feedback button, you can upload and use own icon easily!

Feedback Box Title

Change the Feedback Text

Emoji Theme

Currently there are 2 Emoji Sets. You can select one of them of create and upload your own themesç

Emoji Sub Texts - #1

You can change the texts underneath the emojis easily. Below is for changing the first one.

Feedback form textarea placeholder text

Change placeholder text

Feedback form sub-text

Change sub-text
HTML Tags Allowed

Submit Button Text

You can change the submit button text

Alerts and messages

After submit Thanks to visitor.

After feedback form is submitted, show this text
You can show 5 different text for each submission.
HTML Tags Allowed

Feedback Message Too Short Alert

You can define a minimum length for feedback message
and you can change the message however yu desire.

Cookie setting

You can set a cookie to prevent multiple send from same browser.

Enable / disable mobile

Instant Feedback plugin is 100% mobile optimized.
In case you do not want to show at mobile devices, you can easily disable feedbacks plugin by setting parameter enable mobile.

Saving the feedbacks

Feedbacks are saved with a)Sender IP Address b) Sent URL c) Feedback Content d) Unix Timesamp


Demo page refresh every 2 hours.